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Tess M. Allyn

Violeta Rasmussen
Licensed: RN/MSN

To Tess and Ray Allyn
Owner / Manager / Caregiver

In May of 2007 I was at my wits en. My Dad was in a "rehab" facility, aka a nursing home, and Mom had been in and out of the hospital as well. They had moved into an apartment at an assisted living community after they sold their home. Now I was being told that assisted living would not offer enought care for my Dad and they would not release hime until I could find a home that offered more. I was on a quest and had no idea which path to take. Nursing facilities were not going to work because they were too expensive and I couldn't split my parents up after 48 years of marriage. Mom with Alzheimer's, heart problems, and Rheumatoid Arthritis couldn't take care of herself very well anymore much less take care of Dad. He had been taking care of her. There had to be a place where they could stay together.

After much praying, and many discussions with social workers and healthcare providers I decided to check into group homes. We visited several one Saturday morning. All of them looked clean, the people seemed to be well cared for and happy and the caregivers pleasant. We had just one more to visit and then we would have to choose. As soon as the door opened at the last home on our tour I knew our search was over. Sometimes you just get a feeling about a place or a person. Berean Loving Home Care was that place. Tess and Ray Allyn are those people. The home was clean cheerful, and comfortable with plenty of room. But more than the home, it was the people that made you feel at ease with their smiles and there caring away. I knew right away this was the right place for my parents. Mom and Dad moved in June 2007 and have lived there ever since. I would not, and could not trust their care to just anyone and Tess is not just anyone. She is much more than a caregiver. My Dad passed away in February 2009. He had always been very happy and well taken care of at Berean. Mom and I are both blessed to have an angel like Tess watching over her everyday. They are family and I will never be able to thank Berean Loving Home Care enough for all their, love, support, and care, nor thank God enough for leading me to them.

Message from Paula Dong
Resident's Daughter